Rustic Onyx Dining Room Table

Length: 185 cm / 6.06 ft
Width: 72 cm / 2.36 ft
Height: 77 cm / 2.52 ft

Beveled Glass: 5 ft x 8 ft , 3/4 inch thick


It’s guaranteed that there is no other dining table out there that is as much of a statement piece, as this gorgeous rustic table is. Made completely from Onyx, it’s clear that mother nature is the ultimate artist. From the legs of the table, where the honey onyx has swirls of black and white, to the top of the base, that looks like a flowing river bed the way the black accent flows throughout. Within the crevasses you can see the crystals from stalagmite formation. Truly a jaw dropping peace. Seats six to eight people.


Material: Onyx

Available Colors: Honey with Black Accent.

White Glove Shipping required for this product.


*** Not suited for apartments. Only for 1st floor of a house.*** 



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